Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Burke Snowy Owls

Burke Lakefront Airport is probably the most reliable spot in Ohio for Snowy Owls. This winter has been an exceptional year for this particularly nomadic owl with at least nine individuals discovered so far; two of these at Burke. Birders can sometimes get a glimpse of this large, white owl along Marginal Road, which runs parallel to I-90; just east of downtown Cleveland.

Occasionally though, birders will dip on finding these owls and the reason for that is because they will sometimes settle on the other side of the airport - out of view.

Last Sunday, I was fortunate to board the Holiday; a charter boat that drops off Browns fans at the stadium. During the game, the captain took a group of birders along the Lake Erie coast in search of rarities.

This is the view of lakeside Burke with the Cleveland Skyline in the background.

In case you didn't notice it in the previous picture, an immature Snowy Owl was perched on the wooden stairs.

It was great viewing the owl up close from the boat rather than peering through a fence 250 yards away.

Other notable birds we had during the trip include Harlequin Duck, Paregrine Falcon, Merlin, four Lesser Black-backed Gulls and fifty-four Black-crowned Night Herons along the Cuyahoga River.

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