Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Ruff Day

Yesterday was my day off from nest searching so I ventured around Barrow. Late morning I got news of two Ruffs being seen near the new landfill so a group of us drove out there. It wasn't long before we were standing there watching two Ruffs chase around female Pectorals.

Male with white ruff

Male with chestnut ruff

On our way back we scoped out a couple lakes adding Killdeer and American Wigeons to our trip list. Later, Charlie and I drove out to Nunavak Bay where we added a Yellow-billed Loon and Herring Gull. Vega Gulls can be found at Barrow but the Herring Gull was too far for varification. On our way back we stopped to snap a few photos of this nesting Rock Ptarmigan.

Female Rock Ptarmigan on nest


Jim McCormac said...

Great stuff - keep it comin', Tundra Boy!


Julia said...

Cool photos of those birds. Living in CA I have never seen them in person. Maybe someday if I am lucky.

Matthew said...

Ethan - these rock! Thanks for sharing. Amazing work. If you are ever interested, I might have some paid birding opps for you leading some birders around a couple sites in Michigan or nest finding in Southern Ohio or Alaska. matthewstudebaker@gmail.com.