Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cape Town, South Africa

After nearly 40 hours of traveling via Pittsburgh, John F. Kennedy, Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg and Cape Town airports, I arrived in Cape Town early Sunday morning. The past couple days were spent recovering from jet lag and exploring the surrounding area. I’m currently staying at the Tropical Birding office in the northern suburb, Bloubergrise and only had time to bird areas within walking distance. It appears the the blogger photo uploader isn't working right now but when it does, I'll go more in dept on what I'm seeing.


Kimberly Kaufman said...

I would have looked at your stretch photos! Please be safe and keep the posts coming. I'm a lot proud but also a little freaked out that your so far away. The Facebook and blog updates help.
hugs, ~kimmer

Dave Lewis said...

Good Luck in school! Don't forget to do your homework, laundry, eat properly, take a shower, exercise, oh yeah, and have a great time!
Loopy and the Doodles