Sunday, May 15, 2011

Montana field work

I’m currently sitting at the gate in Denver International Airport waiting for my flight to Missoula, Montana. This summer I will be working for the University of Montana – Avian Science Center conducting point counts throughout the state. After a week of training at the Condon Work Station in Swan Valley, I’ll head to my designated region of the state – Central Montana. I’ll be surveying everywhere from Big Timber to Miles City north of I-90 to Lewistown and Glasgow (not where you’re thinking). This also includes Billings, the capital, where I will get the chance to shave the beard and clean up every once in a while. The rest of the field season will involve camping wherever I can – mostly BLM lands.

Map of Montana showing Swan Valley (upper left), Missoula and my region 

Keep checking back as I report on the field season, post photos and try to catch up on the past 16 months!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy your summer in Montana. Just wanted to send along a word of caution. Be aware that when it rains the dirt roads in Montana can be as slick as ice. They may look fine but they are not fine. The mud can cake up on your tires leaving you with no traction, stranded, and no cell phone reception.
Looking forward to reading about your adventures.